Realist’s therapies leverage its expertise in tumor marker gangliosides (TMGs) - a large class of up to 20 new targets which have not been addressed before through active immune strategies, and scarcely addressed through any other approaches. These TMGs are widespread tumor markers present in a large number of cancers which Realist targets using gamma delta T cells in a completely novel manner.

In more detail, its programs are underpinned by its discovery that oligosaccharides in these TMGs have well-defined and highly conserved structures - these TMGs remain exactly the same within a patient, between patients or between mammalian species. For the first time, these TMGs have been successfully targeted using active immune responses - by means of Realist’s ganglioside-focused platform.  (To date just one of these TMGs, GD2, has been targeted via an approved passive immunotherapy approach - using an anti-GD2 mAb - which, notwithstanding its 2015 FDA approval as a frontline treatment against neuroblastoma, has a variety of significant disadvantages as compared to Realist’s products.)

Realist’s lead targets are the TMGs GD2 and GD3, which are highly upregulated in a wide range of cancers (e.g. 95% of neuroblastomas for GD2 etc.)